SLIDEBY™ Game Board

The Basic Rules of SLIDEBY ™ The board is square with a hundred squares, arranged in a 10 x 10 grid. The squares are white with some direction marks. You will find on the board an area call the goal zone with colors square Red, Yellow, Blue and Green squares. Now you need four pawns to move around the board and roll a dice to know the number of moves to make. Good Luck!!!

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Objectives: The object of the game is to get to the opposite side of the board. Try to slide by the other opponent(s) or make it impossible for your opponent to move into their goal zone on your side of the board. SLIDEBY™ is a board game played between two through four players who alternate moves. The player, who cannot move because some of his pawns are blocked, loses their turn.

1. Each player begins the game with 4 colored pawns. (Typically, four set of pawn is Red, Yellow, Blue and Green).

2. Each player places their pawn on the row called the goal zone, located closest to them. Your pawn must match the color from the opposite side of the board.

3. To start the game, all players must roll the dice or wheel spinner for the highest scores; the players follow the sequence of the next highest score.

4. The dice or wheel spinner gives the player a number of moves from 1 to 6 for each player.

5. If a pawn lands on a direction marker, the player must follow those directions.

6. Slide zones are the blank squares that the player can move in any direction diagonally, vertically and horizontally within that area to continue to advance.

7. Only one pawn may be moved in a single roll.

8. A player can use the theory call rocker meaning to move backward and forward or from side to side.

9. If more than one pawn is available, the player is free to choose whichever pawn as long as the move is made.

10. The player cannot forfeit their turn unless they are block.

11. You cannot go into the opponent’s goal zones to advance to your goal zone.

12. Once the player reaches their goal zone, the player cannot move their pawn within that area.

13. The first player, who lands all four pawns in their respective goal zones, wins the game!

14. If you play again, the winner goes first.

NOTES: Jumping over any pawns is not permitted.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts included. Not for children under 7 years old.